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“For Comprehensive Computerized
Radar Certifications”

PRO-TECT System Overview:
Comprised of VOCAR PT hardware and Windows-based software, our patented PRO-TECT system offers guided computerized certifications to comprehensively certify police radar and tuning forks.

pro-tect radar system  Certifies any radar unit or tuning fork in 10 minutes or less.
pro-tect radar system  Tamper-proof software seamlessly computerizes all test data.
      (With your PC.)
pro-tect radar system  Software prints customized certification forms. (With your printer.)
pro-tect radar system  Meets strict IACP comprehensive testing standards.
pro-tect radar system  Portable equipment for field use.
PRO-TECT System Components: PRO-TECT System Features:
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PRO-TECT accessories include an operating manual, AC and DC power adaptors, audio speaker, computer connection cords and the microwave wand and cable.  
Testing sequence is controlled by the attached computer and conducted by the Pro-Tect unit.
The unit attaches to your Windows-XP/Vista/7 PC via a serial port, or using the included USB to Serial Adapter.
Results are recorded on the computer screen and in the database.
The Windows-based PRO-TECT Software computerizes the testing process.
No radar antenna removal needed.
The Microwave wand measures radar center frequency.  
Results are displayed on the computer screen and recorded in the database.
Durable Pelican cases provide for easy transporting.  
technical specs
Radar pricing
Tuning Forks
Measures tuning fork speeds for X, K, KA-bands in MPH, KPH and hertz.
Audio Tone
Speed Simulation
Verifies audio tone generated speeds from 15 – 120 mph in both moving and stationary modes for X, K and KA-bands in MPH, KPH, or Knots. (Used with supplied speaker.)
Center Frequency
Measures center frequency for all brands of X, K and KA-band radar units. (Used with supplied microwave wand.)
Power Density
Measure power density (radiation) given off by a radar unit when used with PRO-TECT’s built-in power density meter and separately purchased Narda #EF5091 probe.
Radar Unit’s
Self-Test Feature
Verification of the radar unit’s self-test feature.
Radio frequency interference (RFI) test
Checks the ability of the unit to identify stray electromagnetic waves that could impair the unit's accuracy.
Low voltage test
Test the accuracy of the radar over a range of high or low voltage situations.
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